Rampur College Of Law


Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly || Approved by BAR Council of India, New Delhi

Guladia Bhat, Milak - Bilaspur Road, Rathonda, Milak (Rampur) U.P - 244701

Contact: +91- 75999-20999, +91- 97600-77556 | Email: info@rampurcollege.com

Rampur College of Law

Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly

Approved by BAR Council of India, New Delhi

About Us


Global Foundation Trust which manages the college comprises only of legal experts and highly educated persons, who are capable of providing meaningful legal education.

This is the first Law College of Rampur District which is affiliated to M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (U.P.) & Approved by BAR Council of India, New Delhi.

Rampur College of law has been conceived as a legal floor for those seeking to enter the legal fraternity and deeply committed to educational excellence in the field of legal education.


Our VISION & Mission


To provide justice-oriented education to initiate a path to go ahead in legal education in order to create new legal knowledge and ideas that will help to meet the challenges in a manner responsive to the needs of the society and ideas and goals of our constitution.


To prepare the legal professionals who will play decisive leadership roles, not only as advocates practicing in courts, but also as academicians, legislators, judges, policy makers, public officials, civil society activists as well as legal counsel in the private sector, maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and a spirit of public service.

Our Objectives

The Rampur College of Law is striving assiduously to impart legal education as a centre of excellence with focus on career oriented highly professional education in the discipline of Law. We have the following broad objectives –

  • To create a hub of professional & academic excellence in the domain of legal education by imparting high quality legal education to the students with the aid of modern teaching and training techniques.
  • To provide professional advocacy skills of great legal acumen & competence.
  • To make law graduates capable of competing for judicial services, and placement in the multinational organisations.
  • To provide maximum professional opportunities to the students.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Gupta

M.Com., LL.M., NET(Law), NET(Human Rights),
NET(Commerce), NET (Criminology),
M.Phil.(Law), M.Phil.(Human Rights),
M.Phil.(Commerce), Ph.D. (Law)

Message from Secretary

Dear Aspiring Students,
Rampur College of Law has envisaged an action plan for improving the quality of legal education as we believe that quality is the single most important issue in education, business and government today. Graduates from the law schools and colleges are prepared to meet the challenges of the society. Students who are not prepared to become responsible, productive citizens are burden to the society. Our college will focus on quality based legal education which decreases social welfare cost. They have a positive impact on justice system as they are fully prepared to meet the need of the next generations and changing society.
We believe that all students should meet the challenges to achieve the highest standards, which they are capable of. This can only be achieved through a constant focus within the campus of the highest standards of teaching faculty. Students must believe in themselves and in their high ideals. They need to aim even higher and work hard to remain at the pinnacle of success always.
I wish the aspiring law students a very good luck in their career ahead by joining Rampur College of Law by acquiring expert knowledge and guidance in an optimum manner in our premises. The students will find themselves into a better legal environment for enabling the world citizenry to use their expertise effectively. Therefore, get ready to take a right decision, plan your life and expand your wings to fly.
I welcome you all to this student friendly campus of Rampur College of Law.
Looking forward to your best career and bright future.
Dr.Vivek Kumar Gupta

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